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SEO agency versus SEO consultant

Why you should consider a consultant even when you think you need an agency

I'm going to show significant biase here but, I've worked agency-side and as a single consultant, and can honestly say both have their pros and cons.

An SEO agency will present a larger staff team - though many of these will be either juniors or not experienced in SEO - and a convincing sales pitch.  But, just because an SEO agency has an expensive looking office, full of trendy hair-cuts doesn't automatically mean it is the best solution for your needs, budgets or that you'll even have access to the most senior SEOs.  A consultant epxerienced in SEO could be just what you are after!

The only thing I can see running against a consultant is they are time limited; where an agency will look to hire new members of junior staff, a consultant will look to be selective with which clients they work.  I'll never over-sell my time so you'll always have direct access to me.

The pros of working with a consultant.

Direct access

When you work with an SEO consultant you'll be working direct with the specialist. No need to liaise via an agency account manager, simlpy cut straight through to the expert.  

Experienced practitioner

I've been working in digital for 2 decades - I've seen the various SEO hypes and types come, be exploited and then killed-off by the next Google algorithm. I know what works.

Lower overheads

When you work direct with a consultant you don't need to help me pay for a fancy office with ping-pong table, nor pay for the non-fee-earning agency management team.

= Lower fees

Reduced overheads means I can offer my SEO services direct to clients at a reduced price.  We'll agree an amount of my time you wish to buy and we negotiate a great rate.

SEO & Digital mentoring

I plan to work with my clients not simply for them.  This means I will guide you on the big picture, answer your SEO questions  and help your team learn about digital marketing.

Skills & Knowledge transfer

I like to share my skills and knowledge.  If you identify people in your team, I will teach them via problem-based learning.  We'll colaborate and I promise to be practical and jargon-free. 

An SEO consultant local to you.

Photo of Robin Moore. Robin is the principle digital consultant at Infinity Online, a SEO agency based in Colchester Essex.

Hello.  I'm Robin Moore, the principle digital consultant at Infinity Online.

Based in Wivenhoe Colchester, I bring sound and practical advice to the clients I work with.

I have a broad-set of SEO skills and draw upon 20 years of digital experience gained from client and agency side roles.

Whether you are looking explictly for an SEO agency or more broadly to increase the number of visitors to your website, I will be able to help you quickly, efficiently and provide expert SEO consultancy guidance across your digital activity.

Trusted advisor and partner.

“Robin has always been extremely capable, efficient and professional.  He's never daunted by a challenge and takes on even the most difficult tasks with ease.”

“Robin is a creative, strategic thinker with a great deal of experience in the digital industry and online marketing in particular.”

“He is highly knowledgeable and provided a regular sounding board on all things digital. He would make a valuable addition to any team.”

Some of the SEO challenges you may be facing.

I frequently hear about the SEO challenges faced by businesses online. Some of these may resonate with the situation you face:

-   you're already doing SEO but you can't seem to rank for the important keywords
-   the overall numbers of website visitors has been dropping
-   the proportion of web visitors from search engines has fallen
-   there's been a sudden or unexpected drops in search rankings (and you sense your current SEO agency is fobbing you off with the why)
-   the same number of top-line web visitors have been arriving but less are now converting to sales
-   SEO ranks have been fluctuating drastically
-   the value of sales attributed to organic search has decreased
-   there's been an increase in the numbers of errors being reported by web visitors, IT or via emails from Google Search Console
-   web visitors have been telling you the website looks rubbish and is almost impossible to use on mobile devices
-   you are getting SEO leads from prospects in Colchester but not from further afield

... Whatever challenges you're facing with your SEO it's virtually certain I've been trusted to deal with similar issues many times before.  You’ll find I am quick, efficient, and will add real value to your business.


Get in touch about your SEO needs and upcoming digital marketing projects

My approach to helping you.

My ethos is to help my clients achieve rapid digital improvement  -  identifying and focusing on the elements that are most important to delivering quick and cumulative improvements.  I deliver these improvements by closely partnering with my clients, operating as a digital guide, trusted SEO advisor and often as an extension of your team.

If we work together I will get close to your business, finding out in detail where your online business is now, the challenges you face and what’s holding you back.  Once I have a solid understanding of your business, I will work with you to define exactly what needs to be done and help you make the digital marketing decisions that count.   I will act as your digital advisor, able to draw from experience across many digital channels  - SEO, PPC, display, affiliate, email marketing -  to offer the optimum mix of marketing activities to suit your needs.

I have experience acting in both strategic roles but also as an experienced practitioner and project manager.  I know enough about a lot of things to be able to help you articulate your digital marketing and web development needs to your team, partners and suppliers.

I then work with you (and your extended team) to make the necessary changes to your site and online and search marketing campaigns.

A common SEO workflow.

When you work with me, I will take you on a journey from understanding your SEO challenges, to planning enhancements and delivering improved results. Here is a typical path.
  • STEP 1. Briefing


    Get in touch and arrange a meeting.  I'd like to meet you in person so we can explore your business current challenges and I can suggest some remedial SEO actions.

  • STEP 2. SEO Audit


    Provide me with access to your Webmaster tools, website CMS and web analytics platform to work through the data. 

    I will conduct a detailed SEO audit to identify weak spots, score their severity, spot areas of search opportunity, and provide practical SEO recommendations with actionable working examples.

    The review will also touch on both on-site and off-site SEO tactics and also incorporate User Experience and onsite-conversion rate recommendations.

  • STEP 3. Strategy


    If required, I will develop an SEO strategy that supports and enhances your company's overall business and marketing plans.

  • STEP 4. Planning


    I will review your competitor environment and web analytics data before proposing SEO campaign activity across a range of websites, web directories, publications and blogs.

    I may also review your overall marketing plans to ensure coordination, and make recommendations for changes and additions. I may recommend the inclusion of PPC (paid search) marketing to boost sales and learn about user intent and which keywords convert.

  • STEP 5. Website updates


    At this stage we will be working to deliver the prioritised changes I have recommended and specified.  I will provide detailed advice on both the what and how of making the change improvements to your existing website.

    Dependent on the outcome of the SEO review/audit these could include site-structure, web-page structure & optimisation, internal linking.

    During the change/update process I will support the delivery team whilst ensuring we continue to focus on improving the website visitors' critical touch-points and removing barriers to conversion.

  • STEP 6. Search marketing


    The website updates are being worked on, now let's increase the numbers of quality back-links to your website.  

    I will work with you to enhance your online presence in the search engines, social sites and web directories.  We will provide advice and work with you and your PR partners to build your brand whilst gaining web-links from authority websites.

Delivering SEO results.

Generating consistent success on the web requires a deep understanding of the many complex processes involved.  This is what I do.  In working with me you will benefit from my breadth and depth of SEO and wider digital experience.  I am able to work with any business, from small companies to global organisations. Over the years I've enjoyed working with scores of companies and charities.

Get in touch.

Send me a message so we can talk about your SEO challenges and needs.

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