Methodical, detailed & effective stages to success

Knowledgeable.   Experienced.   Practical.   Adding value.   Improving.

Understanding your challenges.

I frequently hear about the challenges faced by businesses online:

- website visitors are dropping
- fewer visitors are converting to sales
- the value of sales is decreasing
- the quality of enquires have dropped
- online marketing results have lost momentum
- web analytics data makes little sense ...

... Whatever challenges you're facing online it's virtually certain I've been trusted to deal with similar issues many times before. You’ll find I am quick, efficient, and will add real value to your business.

Planning improvements.

Infinity Online, is all about achieving rapid digital improvement for my clients. I start by finding out in detail where your online business is now and what’s holding you back and next, using an array of analytical tools, I define exactly what needs to be done. Then I make the necessary changes to your site and online marketing campaigns.

Delivering results.

Generating consistent success on the web requires a deep understanding of the many complex processes involved. This is what I do. In working with me you will benefit from my breadth and depth of digital experience. I am able to work with any business, from small companies to global organisations. Over the years I've enjoyed working with scores of companies and charities.

Working with you.

When you work with me, I will take you on a journey from understanding your challenges, to planning enhancements and delivering improved results. Here is a typical path.

Step 1. 


Tea and a chat

Get in touch and arrange a video call.

Step 2.


Expert review and recommendations

It's likely you're too close to your online business to identify correctly all the key issues.

So step 2 is a detailed review to find the problem areas, score their severity, identify opportunities, and provide practical & actionable recommendations.

Step 3. 


Digital strategy plans

I then develop a digital strategy that supports and enhances your company's overall business plan.

Step 4. 


Online marketing plans

I will review your competitor environment and web analytics data before proposing campaign activity across a selection of digital channels and media.

I may also review your overall marketing plans to ensure coordination, and make recommendations for changes and additions.

Step 5. 

Web delivery

Website delivery and optimisation

At this stage I will plan your new website or provide detailed advice on improvements to your existing site, write (or review) the requirements documentation, produce the information architecture and advise on project team resourcing and management.

During the entire process I will focus crucially on improving the website visitors' critical touch-points and removing barriers to conversion.

Step 6. 

Online marketing

Creating and maintaining online campaigns

The website is working, now let's increase the numbers of quality web visitors.

I will work with you to enhance (or establish) your online presence in the search engines, social sites and web directories.

I can then work on other online channels such as email and affiliate marketing.

How can I help you?

Get in touch about your digital marketing needs and upcoming projects

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