About the local SEO experiments

On this website I am running a few SEO experiments.

Below contains the reasoning and a log of the on-page SEO changes and results. 


About the SEO experiments.

This web-page is about the SEO experiments I am running on this website.

The back story ...

As an digital marketing consultant I often advise businesses to use local SEO tactics as super-effective means to drive web visitors to a local store or office.

I'm a pretty inquisitive person and always intigued to see which local SEO tactics (and in which combination) work so this page is an ongoing log of the experiments I have been running -

- initially to demonstrate what can be achieved though on-page Search Engine Optimisation tactics, principles and practical changes.

In the longer-term I will look at citations on local and national business directories but for now the experiments are all about what can achieved simply by improving your own web-pages.

I recommend local-SEO right across my client base from small, local businesses through national High Street retailers to multi-national companies - in my opinion, everyone has something to gain from increasing their local online exposure.

Initial SEO experiments ...

The initial experiments are to see how high the " SEO consultant Colchester  " and " SEO agency Colchester " web-pages can rank on the search engines with no website back-links from websites beyond Infinity Online.

The overarching test is to see if the on-page search optimisation of content on these web-pages alone can help improve the page's rank on the major search engines.

- I will utilise a number of SEO principles which I normally encourage clients to adopt and adapt, and track what happens.

- The principles will be applied in a cumulative manner and the changes will be logged on this page

- I'll be transparent about the rank improvements gained and pull the information together to offer a section of FREE advice.

If you do happen to be reading this part of the web-page - do please get in touch and let me know what you searched for before you ended up here. The fact that you are reading this means the experiment has been a success! :-)


Please, Please, Please let me know how you found this web-page

Tracking the changes and results.

A record of the SEO changes made, sequence and changes in ranks on Google.
Trinity Street in Colchester

Recording the progress

I am planning to track the progress of the experimental web-pages in the search results. At the beginning of this test my website didn't rank in the top-100 search results for relevant local intent search queries such as "seo agency colchester" or "seo consultant essex".

Colchester Firstsite building

Presenting the results

I will be completely transparent with the results. I plan to report on the changes in search ranks as Google crawls, indexes and ranks this web-page. I will put together a graph of the performance of this page over time and place the graphs in the next section.

First experiment web-page = "SEO consultant Colchester"

SEO changeWeek numberAverage rankNotes
Launch new "SEO consultant Colchester" web-page1Outside Top-100Build and launch of first SEO experiment page.  

SEO tactics applied - The real basics ...
(1) create an initial web-page with copy copied from the homepage. 
(2) Adapt the copy to focus the user on SEO services. No funny stuff, simply natural copy.
(3) Add the broad potential keyword phrase "SEO Colchester" to the page title, description and URL.
(4) Sitewide footer to help Google find the page.
(5) Upload the page to the web server.
Monitoring indexing2Outside Top-100Google has now found the page, parsed it and included in the index.  It is early days and the page is yet to rank - so I'll keep monitoring.

(6) To confuse things, I also changed the domain of this website from https://www. to https://non-www so all the pages are currently re-indexing.
(7) Added my mobile telephone number to the head of the site as a trust signal (but not a local telephone signal).
Indexed3 - 5n/aIt looks like no-one types in "SEO consultant Colchester" so I am going to let this page run for a while and see what happens.  

Second experiment web-page = "SEO agency Colchester"

SEO changeWeek numberAverage rankNotes
Launch new "SEO agency Colchester" web-page2Outside Top-100Build and launch of second SEO experiment page.  

SEO tactics applied - The real basics ... 
(1) create an initial web-page with copy copied from the SEO consultant in Colchester page. 
(2) Adapt the copy to focus the benefits of a consultant over an SEO agency. No funny stuff, simply natural copy. 
(3) Add the broad potential keyword phrase "SEO Colchester" to the page title, description and URL.
(4) Page listed in sitemap (no on-site links - which will make this an interesting SEO experiment to see what Google makes of orphan web-pages).
(5) Upload the page to the web server. 
Indexed3Page-4No changes to the web-page.

Page has been indexed and is now showing on Page-4. 
Rank fluctuation4Top of page-2No changes to the web-page.

The ranks have moved up onto a high of page-2 but is moving back and forth between page-2 and page-3.
Rank improvements5Page-3No changes to the web-page.

Ranks appear to have stabalised and are now slowly climbing through page-3 of SERPs.

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